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he has been throwing herself wholeheartedly

into getting in shape after making a recent vow

to shed a few excess pounds, Vicky Pattison

proved hard work pays off as she flashed

her incredibly taut physique in a stunning

photoshoot for her wildly successful fitness product and

lifestyle brand, Mini V Nutrition.

The driven star has been throwing herself into developing

new Mini V products, atop launching a subscription

service which includes the workout videos, recipes,

cooking tutorials and diet plans Vicky uses herself.

Hi Vicky! Could you

tell us a little bit about

the Mini V supplement


Of course! My Mini V

range isn’t just about

supplements, it’s a

lifestyle! As well as the

supplements, shakes,

bars and snacks, we

have a subscription

service which includes

workout videos, recipes,

cooking tutorials with

a nutritionist and diet

plans. I use all the

products myself every

day so you can trust

me when I say how

amazing they are, and I

love seeing everyone’s

transformation pictures

on social media – it gives

me such a buzz to see

young women joining me

in getting fit & healthy.

You have obviously

had great results; you’re looking very fit and healthy!

Do you work out without a trainer?

Yes I try too! With my busy schedule it can be hard but that’s

what I love about my Mini V range, the workouts are so

convenient I can do them absolutely anywhere, but when I’m

at home I workout with my trainer Robbie Thompson, with the

help of my


to make sure I’m getting the very most

from my workout.

What’s your favourite cheat meal?

Definitely Japanese, it’s my absolute favourite when I’m

allowing myself a treat.

What do your day-to-day meals consist of?

My day to day meals will usually begin with porridge for

breakfast, or if I’m on the go a Mini V Shake – the Caramel

Macchiato is my favourite! For lunch it’ll usually be a chicken

salad, and then lean meat and veg for dinner. Snacks usually

include my Mini V bars, and of course I take my Mini V

supplements too!

How often do you work out?

It all depends on my schedule and where I am, but I try and

meet with my trainer 3 times a week. If I struggle to see him I

know I can rely on the Mini V home workouts wherever I am,

so there’s no excuse!

Do you worry about your

weight and body image?

Of course I do! I would love

to say I don’t but being in

the public eye, everyone

is always quick to make

comments and point out my

hang ups. It’s just learning to

deal with them. I know I put

on weight towards the end

of last year which is why I’m

making such a big effort in

2017, with the help of Mini V,

to get back into my very best


What are your top tips to

sticking to a healthy diet?

You’ve got to not be too

strict on yourself and enjoy

life as well as being healthy.

When you’re feeling good it’s

easy to stick to a healthy diet,

but never deprive yourself of

something as you’ll only want

it more - it’s all about having

that balance.

What else shall we be looking out for? Are you working

on anything exciting for the future?

I have so many exciting projects coming up, in TV and with

fashion alongside continually working on my Mini V range

- I wish I could tell you more but you will just have to wait

and see!

The Vicky Pattison Mini V Nutrition product range and

on-demand fitness & lifestyle service is available from

You’ve got

to not be

too strict on


and enjoy life

as well as

being healthy.